STAR TRIO: Mitch Megginson, Daniel Park and Blair Yule.

IT'S unlikely any other club in world football could lay claim to a family hat-trick matching the one that has been achieved with Cove Rangers.
Midfielders Daniel Park and Blair Yule and striker Mitch Megginson are key members of the Cove squad hoping to record back-to-back Highland League titles this term.
What makes that pretty unique is the fact the fathers of all three - Graeme Park, Raymond Yule and Mike Megginson - also played together for Cove at Highland League level.
Daniel, who was even a mascot at his father's testimonial match in the early 1990's, said: "All three of us are pleased that we have managed to follow in the footsteps our our fathers.
"I doubt if it's something that has ever happened in the league before, three sons who are team-mates together, just as their fathers were.
"I suppose it was inevitable we would end up at Cove too because we were always about the club when they were playing.
"I was the mascot at that testimonial and Mitch did the same when his father was also honoured by the club.
"I also have happy memories of being allowed to go on to the pitch at Allan Park with a ball to take shots at goal.
"I was even allowed to be in the changing room, before and after the games my father played in.
"Mitch and Blair did the same so we have known each other for years.
"Mitch and I also went to the same school at Cults.
"Blair is from Bridge of Don but seeing each other so regularly meant we all became very close.
"Our parents are friends too, so we have a lot to thank Cove for."
Graeme Park said: "I'm very proud Daniel has managed to make his mark at Cove and I know Mike and Raymond feel the same way about their boys.
"Cove have come a long way since we played for them.
"But they will always be our club, even if our sons hadn't been lucky enough to play for them as well.
"My biggest wish now is to see Daniel, Blair and Mitch playing for Cove in the Scottish Professional       League.
"That would be something all three of us would be delighted to witness."
Midfielders Graeme and  Raymond  and striker  Mike  won several trophies while  playing for Cove, including the Highland League Cup and Qualifying Cup.
Daniel's only regret is he never got the chance to see them win the league title together as well  with the club.
"My dad won it as assistant manager, but never as a player," said Daniel.
"It's a real shame because they were clearly great players.
"But I know they would be just as happy  if Mitch, Blair and I could win it together this season...and  be among the first to congratulate us.
"They are at every game cheering us on, along with Ray Charles (the former Cove keeper who also played in the 1990s).
"I remember standing behind Ray when he was in goal and pestering him to tell me what the score was and how long there was to go.
"It's almost surreal to see him in  the crowd now while  I'm the one out on the pitch."
Daniel also has a more personal reason for wanting to help Cove become champions again and make I through to the promotion play-offs for what would be a third attempt to earn a place in the SPFL.
"I missed the final games when we reached the play-offs those last two times," said Daniel.
"I was away with work when we were unlucky to lose out to Edinburgh City the first time.
"I also had to miss the defeat at Cowdenbeath last season because my son was being born.
"Hopefully it will be third time lucky for me on that front this season, although I know that's not something we can't take for granted.
"We  have to win the league first, which is going to be a huge task because we have a lot of very tough games to play.
"But we will be giving it our best shot because we know how much it would mean to everyone at Cove if we could finally make through the play-offs and become the first Highland side to earn promotion that way