TOP MAN: Scott Ross picks up his man of the match award after the 3-0 victory over Huntly.

COVE Rangers defender Scott Ross says their amazing goals against record at home in the league so far  this season has been a real team effort.
Beating Huntly 3-0 just before New Year meant they kept clean sheets in the 10 Breedon Highland League games played at Balmoral Stadium during 2018.
Cove have also conceded just seven goals overall, which is the best defensive record in the league.
Scott's top class performance in the win over Huntly was recognised when he was named sponsors man of the match.
But the 26-year-old former Peterhead player was quick to applaud the entire Cove squad for making sure they are  so hard to score against.
"I know it's an old cliche but it really has been a team effort," said Scott.
"Our defending starts from the edge of the opposing 18 yard box.
"You can see the strikers working their socks off to ensure teams can't play passes and forcing their keeper or defenders to play long balls.
"It's the same with the guys in midfield, they put in a lot of effort to make sure the pressure is kept off us at the back.
"Big Stuart (McKenzie, Cove's first choice keeper) has obviously done his bit too with some vital saves, including three penalties.
"It's brilliant playing in the Cove back four when you know you have a keeper as talented as Stuart behind you and so many guys in front of you really bursting a gut  to protect you.
"Football is a team game and I've never seen that highlighted more than I'm witnessing at Cove right now.
"If you can keep clean sheets, with the players we have at the top end of the pitch, there is a fair chance we will win.
"It's rare for us not to create chances - and even rarer for us not to take at least one.
"That adds as an extra incentive to keep the back door shut because if we do, more often than not, we will win games."
Scott made his 18th start of the campaign in the win over Huntly but accepts he can't take being a first pick for granted.
"We have plenty of quality defenders waiting to step in if anyone drops their standards," he said.
"I'm pleased every time I'm picked but know there is then a pressure on me to play well if I want to stay in the team for the next game."
Cove begin 2019 five points clear at the top of the Breedon Highland League but Scott accepts they face a huge challenge to remain there with some tough fixtures to come, including tomorrow's trip to The Haughs to take on Turriff United.
He said: "There's a long way to go and many tough tests ahead.
"We are where we wanted to be at the turn of the year and that's a boost as we move into the latter part of the season.
"If we continue to play as we have for the bulk of the campaign so far I don't see why we can't stay at the top.
"But we've learned from previous season's that nobody can take anything for granted in this league.
"We have to go into every game willing to dig deep to make sure we give our best or it won't be long before the lead we have worked so hard to create disappears."