Play the Lotto

How to Play
Select 6 numbers per line from 1-59 inclusive, at £8.67 per line per month (Paid via Direct Debit every month)

To match all 6 numbers, as drawn from the Saturday Night National Lottery Draw, excluding the Bonus Ball.

If not won in the first week, the numbers already matched are carried over to the next week, and so forth, until someone matches all 6.

For example:

Say you choose the following set of 6 numbers (for one line):

4,11,18, 27, 33, 59

The Lottery numbers drawn for the first three weeks were as follows:

Week 1 4 18 26 29 48 59
Week 2 1 20 27 30 33 40
Week 3 9 11 14 27 29 37

In the first week, only three numbers were matched (as shown in green), so the game would continue to the next week, when another two numbers were matched, making a total of 5 matches, and so the game was continued for a third week when all 6 were matched.

Note: If a number matched is duplicated, i.e. is drawn in two separate weeks (as highlighted in red within weeks 2 and 3), this only counts as one number matched.

Prize Money

The winner will receive £260 for matching all numbers in the first week. The lottery pot will increase by £30 per week until someone matches all 6 numbers. If there is more than one winner, the jackpot will be shared equally. once the jackpot is won, all participants’ numbers are automatically reset and the process commences again. The prize pot and weekly top up will increase as more people join the lottery.


The weekly cost is £2 per line. For administration purposes however, payment will be collected by standing order or direct debit. The monthly equivalent per line is £8.67 with payment being collected from your bank automatically on the last day of each month.


To take part, please complete and sign the form and standing order mandate (leave payment reference blank). Simply select 6 numbers per line and return the form and completed standing order mandate to Angela Bruce. You can change your numbers but only after a jackpot has been won and before the next draw commences.

Enquiries, claims or requests to change numbers should be made to

Download the forms here

Standing order form
Application form